Our History
VI Christian Ministries started out in 1982 as a small prayer group consisting of three people; Richard Galloway, Dixie Galloway and Adelle Brown. The prayer group grew from three people to twenty in a very short period of time as people were very hungry for spiritual change on the island of St. Thomas.

Shortly thereafter a bible study was added. All of these activities were being held in the house of Richard and Dixie Galloway until the prayer group and bible study outgrew their home. At that time the meetings moved to the former Ramada Hotel, then to Bluebeard’s Castle Hotel, and finally to a building located on Veteran’s Drive, Waterfront. Hurricane Hugo destroyed the Veteran's Drive building in 1989 and in 1990, 5.83 acres of land in Bolongo Bay was purchased for the ministry’s headquarters.

VIChurch4The ministry has recently completed the process of erecting a church sanctuary after first focusing on the completion of the Youth & Bowling Center where youths and families can unite for fun, fellowship and God's Word. Uniquely designed and constructed, the VICM Youth Center houses six bowling lanes, a restaurant, toddler’s room and other games. It’s the only one of its kind in the Caribbean and is an environment that is conducive to healing the family and rebuilding the youths with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission
Through prayer and teaching of the Word, to train leaders who will obey God producing radical changes in individual lives, as well as changing nations.

Apostolic, pioneering, radical and passionate. We set the trend. We are full of the supernatural love of God; loving God and people with all our heart. We are always taking new territory for the kingdom of God. We see beyond the natural. We are builders; continually building the kingdom of God with authority. Signs, Wonders, Miracles, and Healings are normal in our church. We are sons of God, using our authority for kingdom purposes. We are the spiritual government over our region. We train and equip believers to maturity so they carry out God’s purposes and callings for their lives. Our vision is not our own. It came directly from heaven. We were born again for this purpose. Our ministry attracts people of like heart and mind.

Our Pastors
PastorAudainAudain Brown is V.I. Christian Ministries’ Pastor. He administers God’s plan for the church. His strength is in the utilization of the wisdom of God. Pastor Brown is also an electrical contractor and entrepreneur. He started Fortress Electrical Contracting Corporation (FECC) in 1987 with an old broken down truck and no money. His partner was the Lord. The Lord asked Audain to look in his hands and tell Him what he saw. Audain saw nothing; but God saw his faithfulness to Him and a couple old tools. God added His wisdom to Audain’s faithfulness and they became an unbeatable team. In 1988 the Lord told Audain he was going to give him a “deal” and the “little money” he had at that time, He was going to increase it beyond his greatest expectation. Through hard work in his business and ministry and faithfully giving to the kingdom of God, God has and is doing what He said He would do. Today, Pastor Audain, through his company, is the leading electrical company in underground high voltage work in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

PastorAdelleAdelle Brown was born and raised on the island of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. After graduating from Charlotte Amalie High School in 1977, she moved to Omaha, Nebraska to attend Creighton University where she received a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. From there Adelle moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1980 to attend Rhema Bible Training Center where she attained her degree. In 2005 she received her Doctorate of Divinity with a concentration in Conflict Management through Trinity Theological Seminary and endorsed by the University of Liverpool located in the United Kingdom. Her passion and hunger for the Lord, and desire to fulfill His plan in her life led her back to St. Thomas to assist in the establishment of V.I. Christian Ministries. Adelle has authored three power packed books, “Surviving Your Seasons of Change”, “When The Devil Says No, God Says YES”, and “Now That You Are…”. Adelle Brown Pastor





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